Hybrid Dynamical Systems: Optimization, Stability and Applications

9 gennaio 2017
10 gennaio 2017
11 gennaio 2017
9, 10, 11 gennaio 2017
Staff Dipartimento di Matematica

Università degli Studi Trento
38123 Povo (TN)
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Department of Industrial Engineering - Department of Mathematics - Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science_DISI            

Luogo: Aula Kessler, Department of Sociology

The aim of the workshop is to bring together scientists working on a wide range of theory and applications of hybrid dynamical systems, meant in a rather broad sense.

A hybrid dynamical systems is a mathematical model for describing the evolution of a physical/engineering/natural system which may evolve continuously in time but may also suddenly experience jumps in its state. Examples of such systems are switching power electronics, neuronal bursting, impacting systems, switching systems, computer networks, hybrid automata and others.

This workshop is part of the activity of the strategic research project: "OptHySYS Optimization Techniques for Hybrid Dynamical Systems: from Theory to Applications", funded by th University of Trento and jointly coordinated by the Department of Industrial Engineering, the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science and the Department of Mathematics.

Organizing Committee:

  • Fabio Bagagiolo, Department of Mathematics
  • Enrico Bertolazzi, Department of Industrial Engineering
  • Daniele Fontanelli, Department of Industrial Engineering
  • Luigi Palopoli, Department on Information Engineering and Computer Science
  • Luca Zaccarian, Department of Industrial Engineering

For information about the program, the registration and the fees, please visit hte website f the workshop: