Quantum field theory on DFR quantum spacetime and physical applications

27 April 2017
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Venue:  Seminar Room “-1” – Department of Mathematics
Time: 16:00

  • Speaker: Gerardo Morsella (Tor Vergata University - Rome)

As shown by Doplicher, Fredenhagen and Roberts, quantum mechanics and general relativity demand that, in order to have an operationally meaningful notion of localization, spacetime has to be described by a certain noncommutative C*-algebra, in the spirit of Connes’ Noncommutative Geometry. I will review this analysis and the development of QFT on this DFR model of quantum spacetime, which has better UV behavior than the one on commutative spacetime, and I will discuss some recent  generalization to curved backgrounds with applications to the horizon problem in cosmology and to the analysis of electromagnetic interactions of neutral matter.


Contact person: Davide Pastorello