Anzellotti pairing theory revisited and applications to 1-Laplace elliptic equations

Joint works with Crasta, Giachetti, Petitta, Oliva and Segura De Léon

5 ottobre 2017
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Luogo: Dipartimento di Matematica, via Sommarive, 14 - Povo (TN) - Aula Seminari "-1"
Ore 16:00

Relatrice: Virginia De Cicco (Sapienza Università di Roma)

In this talk I will present a very general Gauss-Green formula for weakly differentiable functions and sets of finite perimeter. This result is obtained by revisiting the Anzellotti's pairing theory and by characterizing the measure pairing (A, Du), when A is a bounded divergence  measure vector field andu is a bounded function of bounded variation. In the second part, I will show an application to the 1-Laplace elliptic equations.

Referente: Francesco Serra Cassano