The mathematics juggling, an introduction to site swaps and juggling states

18 aprile 2018
18 aprile 2018
Staff Dipartimento di Matematica

Università degli Studi Trento
38123 Povo (TN)
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Luogo: Dipartimento di Matematica, via Sommarive, 14 - Povo (TN) - Aula Seminari "-1"
Ore: 12:30


  • Alexander Leymann (BEC Center, Trento)


The concept of “site swaps” is a tool for jugglers to develop and practice new juggling patterns. In site swap notation each throw is associated with a number. Operations on strings of numbers (representing juggling patterns) allow to derive new patterns.
The site swap notation is a fairly new concept in the ancient art of juggling. Since its earliest forms in the late 80s, the site swap notation has triggered exiting developments in the juggling community and is considered one of the major breakthroughs in juggling history.
In the second part of the the talk I would like to present and trigger a discussion about the concept of juggling states, which represent the state a juggler is in after a sequence of throws. This concept allows to write down all possible states a juggler can be in, given a fixed number of objects and a maximum height of the throws she/he is willing to do.

All concepts are illustrated by live demonstration.

Referente: Alessandra Bernardi