Classification of Mukai Pairs with Dimension 4 and Rank 2

Seminario con Akihiro Kanemitsu

6 dicembre 2018
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Luogo: PovoZero, via Sommarive, 14 - Dipartimento di Matematica - Sala Seminari "-1"
Orario: 12:30

  • Akihiro Kanemitsu (RIMS, Tokyo)

A Mukai pair (X,E) of dimension n and rank r is a pair of a Fano n-fold X and an ample r- bundle E which satisfies the condition c_1(X) = c_1(E). S. Mukai introduced such pairs in 1988 with relation to the geometry of Fano varieties, and Mukai pairs have been completely classified when r > n-2 by several authors. Also, the classification in the case r=n-2 has been almost completed recently, but, for one case, the classification was incomplete.In this talk, we will focus on this remaining case, and give the complete classification. Namely, we will provide the classification of Mukai pairs of dimension 4 and rank 2 whose base manifold X has Picard number one. 

Referente: Gianluca Occhetta