Control Flow Analysis for process algebras with applications to security

10 September 2019 - 9 a.m.
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Luogo: Room A222 Povo1, via Sommarive, 9 - Povo 
Ore: 09:00


  • Chiara Bodei (Università degli Studi di Pisa)


Security is a growing concern in the development of software, especially magnified in the era of the Internet of Things, where digitally connected devices are intruding into our everyday life. In this talk, we will focus on how Control Flow Analysis (CFA) can be applied to verify the security of systems. This static technique safely approximates the abstract behaviour of distributed systems, when specified in a process algebraic guise. These abstractions provide the basis for checking various properties. We will present an excursus on the use of CFA that goes from some authentication properties of cryptographic protocols to some security properties of data in the Internet of Things.

Referente: Massimiliano Sala