The regularity of 2-dimensional area-minimizing integral currents

17 dicembre 2015
17 dicembre 2015
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Luogo: Dipartimento di Matematica, via Sommarive, 14 - Povo (TN) - Aula Seminari

Ore 15:00


  • Luca Spolaor (Max Plank Institute-Lipsia)

Building upon the Almgren's big regularity paper, Chang proved in the eighties that the singularities of area-minimizing integral 2-dimensional currents are isolated. His proof relies on a suitable improvement of Almgren's center manifold and its construction is only sketched. In recent joint works with Camillo De Lellis and Emanuele Spadaro we give a complete proof of the existence of the center manifold needed by Chang and extend his theorem to two classes of currents which are "almost area minimizing", namely spherical cross sections of area-minimizing 3-dimensional cones and semicalibrated currents.

Raul Paolo Serapioni
Francesco Serra Cassano