Searching for new Physics in the cosmic rays with AMS-02

29 June 2016 - at 14.30
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Venue: Room A205 - Polo Scientifico Tecnologico Fabio Ferrari - Povo 1

At: 14.30

  • Prof. Paolo Zuccon - Institute of Technology Massachusetts

"Searching for new Physics in the cosmic rays with AMS-02"

The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer 02 on board of the International Space Station, is taking data continuously since May 19 2011.  AMS-02 measurements of cosmic rays fluxes are of unprecedented accuracy and allow to open a new window on high energy processes happening in our galaxy. In this talk I will review the most recent AMS-02 results, and I will discuss how they can possibly lead to reveal new physics.
I will also mention additional measurements that may support AMS-02  data and break the interpretation degeneracy.