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Meeting with the Scientific Committee of IPSP2022

4 marzo 2022
Orario di inizio 
Comunità universitaria
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In order to provide more information regarding the Industrial Problem Solving with Physics (IPSP2022) the Scientific Committee has organized an informative meeting. In order to participate, the interested students and researchers are invited to register themselves here and will receive the connection link before the event.

IPSP is a unique learning opportunity and an unmissable experience for talented young people and industries. 3 companies and up to 30 “brains” work in teams, led by 3 expert researchers (the Scientific Committee) to find solutions to the technological problems submitted by the participating companies. Master’s degree students and graduates, PhD students, postdocs, research fellows and researchers with a scientific background in physics, natural sciences, engineering and computer science are welcome to apply.

Contact email: ipsp2022 [at]