Day of photonics

27 ottobre 2016
27 October 2016
Dipartimento di Fisica, Segreteria
via Sommarive, 14 - 38123 Povo (Trento)
+39 0461 281504 - 1575 - 2042 - 1545
+39 0461 281696

At 21:00
Venue: Café de la Paix - passaggio Teatro Osele 6, Trento

The Day of Photonics is a biennial event born with the aim to promote photonics beyond the academic institutions.

Photonics can be considered the art of mastering light, with the set of theories, the techniques and the technologies, which allows us to control light and to use it to our benefit.

Photonics is everywhere in our daily life, and led to the most striking innovations throughout the history.

The members of the new SPIE Trento Student Chapter warmly invite you to be part of this event. A series of talks will be held in an absolutely informal atmosphere, which will introduce you step-by-step this hot topic.

Follow us, and discover the importance, the secrets, the tricks, and the beauties that photonics can offer.


Welcome, Trio Alborada concert
Photonics: the art of manipulating light
Hands on experiments