40 Years of Collaboration between the Institute of Solid-State Physics, University of Latvia, the University of Trento and FBK

Achievements and New EU HORIZON Projects
24 luglio 2024
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Polo Ferrari 1 - Via Sommarive 5, Povo (Trento)
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Prof. Lorenzo Pavesi
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Prof. Purāns Juris - Institute of Solid-State Physics, University of Latvia


This year (2024), we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the collaboration between the Institute of Solid-State Physics, University of Latvia, and the University of Trento. Our fruitful and exciting cooperation began in 1984 at the ADONE synchrotron (Frascati) with pioneering works on HTSC “EXAFS of the superconducting oxide BaPbBiO3” and “XAFS Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Oxides.” The Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP), represented by Prof. Juris Purans (head of the Thin Films Laboratory) and Dr. Alexey Kuzmin (head of the EXAFS Laboratory), has published more than 50 highly cited papers in collaboration with the University of Trento. This collaboration involves Prof. G. Dalba, P. Fornasini, G. Mariotto, E. Cazanelli, R. Graziola, R. Grisenti, C. Armellini, and Dr. F. Rocca, G. Pucker, M. Ferrari from FBK Trento. This scientific cooperation focused on advanced research in the fields of solid-state physics and materials science, particularly in the study of material properties using cutting-edge techniques such as Synchrotron Radiation X-ray absorption spectroscopy (EXAFS and XANES), X-ray spectromicroscopy (X-TIP project), and Raman spectroscopy of transition metal oxides. The partnership aimed to enhance the understanding of material structures at the atomic level, facilitating the development of novel functional materials with tailored properties for various technological applications. Through joint research projects, academic exchanges, and shared expertise, both institutions have strived to drive forward innovation and scientific discovery in the realm of condensed matter physics. We have worked extensively together at national synchrotron radiation facilities: ADONE/DAFNA, LURE-SOLEIL, ELETTRA, HASYLAB, and ESRF. Our contributions have led to remarkable developments in XAFS experimental techniques: (i) experiments with unprecedented accuracy and under extreme conditions of high pressure and temperature, (ii) experiments with nanoscale lateral resolution, which were inconceivable just a few years ago, are now possible. New applications, stimulated by accurate experimental temperature-dependent XAFS measurements, can now be carried out. In parallel with the experimental techniques, XAFS theory and data analysis have made considerable progress MD and RMC analysis EXAFS. Femtometer accuracy in the determination of interatomic distances is now attainable. Now we continue our collaboration: I'm delighted that the TWINNING project "Towards an Excellence Centre on Quantum Photonics in Latvia" (ISSP Riga-UT Trento-TU Riga-France), submitted by you and Dr, Avars Vembris (ISSP) and Prof. Lorenzo Pavesi, will be funded by the EU! In parallel with this activity, in 2023, Juris Purans Thin Film Laboratory (TFL Laboratory, won a 2.4 million euro EU project for five years (2023-2027) on "Smart Windows for Zero Energy Buildings" (SWEB – I am the leader of this SWEB project and would be delighted to invite your colleagues to our institute for an exchange of experience.
Financial support was provided by the Project “Smart Windows for Zero Energy Buildings” (SWEB) GA nr. 101087367.

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