Nuclear interaction and Particle Therapy

25 ottobre 2018
25 October 2018 - at 14.30
Dipartimento di Fisica, Segreteria
via Sommarive, 14 - 38123 Povo (Trento)
+39 0461 281504 - 1575 - 2042 - 1545
+39 0461 281696

Venue: Aula n. A208 - Polo Ferrari 1

At: 14.30

  • Prof. Vincenzo Patera - Università  Roma "La Sapienza"


The use of proton and carbon ion beams in the treatment of solid cancers is getting a more and more widespread therapeutic practice. If compared to conventional radiotherapy this technique precisely releases the dose on the tumor region, allowing to spare healthy tissues. In future the use of different light ions beams as Helium or Oxygen is envisaged, to better target radioresistant tumor and to enhance ballistic precision.
Several features of the nuclear interactions of ions beam with the patient tissue that have impact on the treatment quality will be presented. In particular the nuclear fragmentation of the ion beam along its path in the patient is of relevance for the accuracy of the dose delivery. The production of de-excitation photons, of b+ emitters and of protons, on the other hand, can have a role in the development of devices used to monitor the dose profile.
The ongoing research activities in the field, including foreseen nuclear physics measurements, proposed monitoring techniques and related developments of Monte Carlo tools, will be reviewed.

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