Inaugurazione del programma transdisciplinare di dottorato in Quantum Sciences and Technologies

10 luglio 2019
10 luglio 2019

Ore 10.00
Luogo: Aula A207 Polo Ferrari 1, via Sommarive 5 - Povo


10.00: Presentazione del programma transdisciplinare in Quantum Sciences and Technologies

  • Lorenzo Pavesi, Iacopo Carusotto, Gianluigi Casse, Francesco Pederiva

10.30: Dimostrazione del generatore quantistico di numeri casuali realizzato dai ricercatori del Laboratorio Q@TN

  • Nicolò Leone (dottorando del TPQST)

11.00: Coffee break

11.30: Colloquium: Topological Photonics

  • Alexander Szameit (Institute of Physics, University of Rostock, Germany)

In the context of photonics, topology has emerged as an abstract, yet surprisingly powerful, new paradigm for controlling the flow of light. As such, it holds great promise for a wide range of advanced applications, from scatter-free routing and switching of light along arbitrary three-dimensional trajectories to long-distance transmission of slow-light waves. In my talk, I will present an introduction to topology in photonics, with a particular focus on our work on the implementation of photonic Floquet topological insulators. The purpose is to review these and other recent developments, to discuss potential applications and to stimulate new conceptual ideas.

Responsabile scientifico:
Dottor Iacopo Carusotto