Li-ion Batteries ageing studied by Advanced Spectroscopic and Computational Techniques

13 November 2019
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Venue: Polo Ferrari 1, via Sommarive 5 - Room A207
Time: 14.00

Prof. Bernardo Barbiellini

LUT University of Technology, Lappeenanta (Finland)


Scientists have not yet fully understood how lithium-ion battery work at the quantum mechanics level despite several decades of research. Our research addresses this problem by visualizing electrons in redox orbitals responsible for the chemical reactions and the movement of the Li ions in the batteries. We plan to penetrate into the heart of battery ageing mechanism by deploying calculations based on quantum mechanics and spectroscopic techniques. An ultimate goal of this research is the development of probes capable of visualizing lithium insertion in real time and at the atomic scale. In this talk I will show how this effort can enable advanced diagnostic fostering safe and efficient use of the batter.