Proton and Ion Beam therapy at the Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy

2 dicembre 2015
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Ore 14.30
Luogo: Polo Scientifico Tecnologico Fabio Ferrari – Aula B105 (Povo 2)

Prof. Oliver Jäkel
Director of Medical Physics, Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy Center
Head of Dep. Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology, DKFZ
Heidelberg, Germany


Heidelberg University has a long standing experience in radiotherapy with carbon ions. Between 1997 and 2008, 440 patients were treated within a pilot project at the German national heavy ion research center (GSI) near Darmstadt. In 1998 a hospital based heavy ion center at Heidelberg University Hospital was proposed, which started clinical operation in 2009. Since then well over 2500 patients were treated with scanning beams of carbon ions and protons. In 2012 the world’s first and only isocentric gantry for heavy ions was commissioned and first carbon treatments started in 2013.
The HIT facility uses a synchrotron accelerator and offers patient treatments in three rooms. In addition a dedicated experimental area exists. All rooms are equipped with intensity controlled beam scanning. The facility not only offers protons and carbon ions, which can be switched within less than a minute, but in addition ion sources for helium and oxygen are available for preclinical research.
These technical features offer a lot of research possibilities in the fields of medical physics, radiation biology and clinical radiation oncology for the near future and a vital research program was initiated for clinical and pre-clinical topics.
In the talk the rationale for heavy ion radiotherapy will be explained and the technology of the HIT facility will be outlined. Some research projects in the field of medical physics and the clinical research will be highlighted and future research perspectives will be outlined.

Scientific Coordinator:
Bruno Giacomazzo