Nuclear Physics and Painting: Sub-topic of the wide and fascinating field of Science and Art

24 February 2016
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At 14.30
Venue: Room A205, Polo Scientifico e tecnologico "Fabio Ferrari"

  • Prof. Renzo Leonardi


The goal of the seminar is to briefly present a few examples where nuclear methods and instruments have been proven useful in analyzing paintings. In most cases a work of art, and in particular a painting, holds in itself the history of its creation, its evolution and its conservation. Reading this history is a central problem of scholars who operate in the broad field of cultural heritage.
A large part of this history however is hidden, lying below the surface, trapped in the texture of the material or, even deeper, in the constituent atoms and molecules. Nuclear Physics, and in general physics and material science, provide a large variety of tools to progress in this reading.

Organized by:
Department of Physics - Dott. Bruno Giacomazzo