Integrated Non Linear and Quantum Photonics

21 marzo 2016
21 marzo 2016

Room A210 - Polo Scientifco Tecnologico Fabio Ferrari (Povo 1)

During this workshop the most recent developments in the field of nonlinear and integrated quantum optics on the silicon platform will be discussed. Driving integrated photonic chip in the realm of quantum physics is one of the future trends in photonics which is enabled by the use of nonlinear optics and by the study of the quantum nature of light. New physics caused by the propagation of quantum fluids of light; new applications in quantum computers, quantum metrology and quantum sensing; new technological advancements due to nonlinear optics: all will be presented during this half day long workshop


9:00-9:10  Welcome Prof. Lorenzo Pavesi
9:10-9:50  Prof. Marco Liscidini, From classical to quantum nonlinear photonics – University of Pavia
9.50-10.20  Dr. Iacopo Carusotto, Driven-dissipative and conservative quantum fluids of light in microcavity and cavity-less devices – INO-CNR BEC
10.20-10.40 Dr. Fernando Ramiro Manzano, Bogolyubov dispersion, the experimental approach - University of Trento
10.40-11.00 Pierre-Élie Larré, Superfluid and quantum features in the hydrodynamic flow of a fluid of light – INO-CNR BEC
11.00-11.20            Coffee break 
11.20-12.00 Prof.  Jeremy Witzens, Silicon Photonics in Biophotonics and Communications - RWTH Aachen University
12.00-12.30 Dr. Mattia Mancinelli, Frequency conversion in a CMOS compatible optical waveguide University of Trento 
12.30-13.00 Dr. Mher Ghulinyan and Martino Bernard, Tuning of emitter-cavity quantum coupling strength in a single sub-micron pillar device – FBK

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