Colloquium Talks 2019/2020

Doctorate in Cognitive and Brain Sciences

June - October 2020
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Meeting: Zoom online seminar

This series of Colloquia organized and offered by Doctoral Course in Cognitive and Brain Sciences of the CIMeC  is an annual set of invited talks given by leading researchers in the mind/brain sciences, both from Italy and abroad, aimed principally at our PhD Students. Given the multi-disciplinary backgrounds of the CIMeC students and researchers, the Colloquia are aimed at a general scientific level rather than at a more specialized audience.

Next appointment:

June 25, 2020 - Zoom online seminar - Time: 4 p.m.

Interactions between visual cortical neurons for perception and restoring them for the blind

Pieter R. Roelfsema - Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam

Abstract: Our results implicate early visual cortex in visual cognition - in tasks where subjects reason about what they see. I will discuss new evidence supporting the hypothesis that the activity in early visual areas has a causal role in cognition. I will discuss how the neuronal responses emerge as the interaction between brain areas, with a special role for specific classes of interneurons. The early visual cortex acts as a multiscale cognitive blackboard for read and write operations by higher visual areas, which can thereby efficiently exchange information. These results also inspire new approaches to create a visual prosthesis for the blind, by direct interfacing with the visual cortex. I will discuss how high-channel-number interfaces with the visual cortex might be used to restore a rudimentary form of vision in blind individuals.

The full schedule for the PhD Colloquium series 2019/2020:

Marco Perugini - Professor of Department of Psychology, University of Milano-Bicocca - The signal and the noise: Implications of the replicability crisis on research practices (November 2019)

Leonardo Chelazzi - Full Professor of Physiology, University of Verona - Plasticity of Spatial Priority Maps: The Role of Reward and Statistical Learning (February 2020)

Alexandre Pouget - University of Geneva, Switzerland - The agony of choice (June 2020)

Pieter R. Roelfsema - Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam - Interactions between visual cortical neurons for perception and restoring them for the blind (June 2020)

TBD (September and October 2020)

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