PhD final examinations

Cycle 32nd - July and August 2020

30 July, 5 and 26 August 2020
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The link to attend the video conference will be sent to those invited by the PhD student or to those who make an explicit request to the course secretariat (dicamphd [at]

30 July, 16.00


Management of Civil Infrastructure based on Structural Health Monitoring

Supervisors: Daniele Zonta, Università di Trento

Examination Committee:
Branko Glisic, Princeton University - USA; Yang Wang, Georgia Tech - USA; Marco Broccardo, University of Liverpool

5 August, 16.30


Development of a Damage Indicator Based on Detection of High-Frequency Transients Monitored in Bridge Piers During Earthquake Ground Shaking

Supervisors: Daniele Zonta, Università di Trento; Helmut Wenzel, VCE Holding GmbH - Austria

Examination Committee:
Maria Giuseppina Limongelli, Politecnico di Milano; Giannina Ortiz Quesada, Tecnologico de Costa Rica; Oreste S. Bursi, Università di Trento

26 August


Analytical and numerical modelling of undulatory locomotion for limbless organisms in granular/viscous media

Supervisors: Nicola Pugno, Università di Trento; Barbara Mazzolai, IIT

Examination Committee:
Antonino Favata, Università di Roma La Sapienza; Cecilia Surace, Politecnico di
Torino; Maria Fiorella Pantano, Università di Trento

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