An SMT-based framework for the formal analysis of Switched Multi-Domain Kirchhoff Networks

PhD candidate Mirko Sessa

28 ottobre 2019
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Time: h 14:00 
Location: Polo Ferrari 1 - Via Sommarive 5, Povo (TN) Room Garda

PhD Candidate

  • Mirko Sessa

Abstract of Dissertation

Many critical systems are based on the combination of components from different physical domains (e.g. mechanical, electrical, hydraulic), and are mathematically modeled as Switched Multi-Domain Kirchhoff Networks (SMDKN).
In this thesis, we tackle a major obstacle to formal verification of SMDKN, namely devising a global model amenable to verification in the form of a Hybrid Automaton. This requires the combination of the local dynamics of the components, expressed as Differential Algebraic Equations, according to Kirchhoff's laws, depending on the (exponentially many) operation modes of the network.
We propose an automated SMT-based method to analyze networks from multiple physical domains, detecting which modes induce invalid (i.e. inconsistent) constraints, and to produce a Hybrid Automaton model that accurately describes, in terms of Ordinary Differential Equations, the system evolution in the valid modes, catching also the possible non-deterministic behaviors.
The experimental evaluation demonstrates that the proposed approach allows several complex multi-domain systems to be formally analyzed and model checked against various system requirements.

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