Novel design concepts for unconventional Antenna Array architectures in next generation communications systems

PhD candidate Gottardi Giorgio

28 ottobre 2019
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Time: 15:30 am
Location: Polo Ferrari 1 - Via Sommarive 5, Povo (TN)  Room Garda 

PhD Candidate

  • Gottardi Giorgio

Abstract of Dissertation

In this work, the formulation and the implementation of innovative methodological paradigms for the design of unconventional array architectures for future generation communication systems has been addressed. By exploiting the potentialities of the codesign strategy for elementary radiators in an irregularly clustered array architectures and by introducing an innovative capacity-driven design paradigm, the proposed methodologies allow to effectively design unconventional array architectures with optimal trade-offs in terms of performance and complexity/costs.
The codesign synthesis strategy is proposed to solve the arising massive multi-objective design problem aimed at fitting the multiple objectives and requirements on the "free-space" performance of the array architecture. Afterward, the capacity-driven design paradigm is formulated and implemented for the design of MIMO array architectures to maximize the quality of the communication system in first place instead of considering "free-space" figures-of-merit. A set of numerical results has been provided (i) to validate the proposed paradigms in real-application scenarios and (ii) to provide insights on the effectiveness, the limitations and the potentialities of proposed design methodologies.

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