Organizational models in healthcare: new approaches to meet the needs of chronic patients

9 febbraio 2023
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Palazzo di Economia - Via Inama 5, Trento
Seminar Room - first floor
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PhD programme in Economics and Management
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Speaker: Irene Gabutti, Advanced School of Health Economics and Management (ALTEMS) Università Cattolica


The intrinsic complexity of healthcare organizations is widely testified in literature (Dohorty et al., 2022). The demand of healthcare services in developed countries has changed deeply. The population is ageing and is therefore characterized by multi-pathological chronic conditions. Moreover, patients are more informed about their rights and, consequently, expectations from the public health care system have risen considerably. On the other hand, however, there exist dramatic financial pressures which require healthcare organizations to provide more and better services with equal (if not decreasing) resources (Gabutti et al, 2017). Therefore it is clear that many features of healthcare systems are doomed to change if the whole system is to remain of high quality and sustainable in time (Lega and DePietro, 2005).

In this seminar we will explore the main pillars of change in Western healthcare systems and their emerging organizational models, both referred to hospitals and to primary care settings (Petrakaki et al, 2010).  We will discuss barriers and enabling factors to their full implementation, so to foster deep awareness of the main managerial priorities within this complex and articulate sector (Jacobs et al, 2015).

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