Award Ceremony - Phd programme in Local Development and Global Dynamics

19 April 2017
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2 PM, Laboratory 4, Doctoral School of Social Sciences, via Verdi 26.


  • Michele Boglioni - Empirical Studies on the European Economic Integration. An Approach Based on Sraffian Schemes and Subsystems.
  • Zubair Shahid - Decentralization, Democracy and Development. Examining the potential and limits of subnational empowerment.
  • Maria Tsouri - Knowledge Networks in Emerging ICT Regional Innovation Systems: An Explorative Study of the Knowledge Network of Trentino ICT Innovation System

Examination Board:

  • Gianna Claudia Giannelli, University of Florence
  • Tullio Gregori, University of Trieste
  • Silvio Goglio, University of Trento