Collaborative Pricing From A Supply Chain Perspective – Insights From A Multiple Case Study In The Italian Agri-Food Industry

5 April 2018
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2 PM, Seminar Room, Department of Economics and Management, via Inama 5 - Trento



Despite the SCM literature suggests the adoption of a collaborative attitude towards process management, scholars have not devoted as much exploration to the opportunity to develop mutually beneficial collaborations in the pricing process between supply chain partners.
Indeed, a challenging research question regards how it is possible to implement collaborative approaches in the pricing process along the supply chain – e.g. in terms of the strategic selection of partners, the adoption of suitable pricing techniques, the design of incentives, the equitable benefit sharing. The agri-food industry is an interesting setting to investigate the adoption of a collaborative pricing approach and the development of win-win strategic relationships along the supply chain.
How does the collaboration among two or more supply chain actors can be reflected in the pricing process? Our research investigates the cases of other important players in the Italian agri-food industry which are developing collaborative approaches to manage pricing along their supply chains.
We outline a classification of the mainly adopted collaborative pricing mechanisms. Moreover, we identify roles and responsibilities played by the involved supply chain actors in the implementation of these collaborative approaches. We also discuss the sustainability implications of these collaborative pricing approaches.

(in collaboration with Prof. Mellie Pullman and Prof. Pietro Romano)

Short bio

Dr. Marco Formentini is an Associate Professor in Sustainable Supply Chain Management at Audencia Business School, Nantes (France). He received his PhD from University of Padova (Italy) and he has been Research Fellow at Cass Business School, London and Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Operations Management at the School of Management, University of Bath (UK).
His research involves activities in the areas of Supply Chain Management, focusing mainly on sustainability (investigating corporate sustainability strategies and related governance mechanisms such as certifications), supply chain collaboration with a specific interest on the pricing, negotiation and contracting processes, and integration of international supply chains.
He published in leading journals such as European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Transportation Research: Part E and Journal of Cleaner Production.