Presentation - Major Paper - SRS PhD students

14 September 2018
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Presentation of the “Major paper”, PhD Students from 33 cycle
Seminar Room “Laboratorio 4”, Doctoral School of Social Sciences, Via Verdi 26 - ground floor.

9.00 Introduction
9:15 Michael Kolander: Individual Economic Deprivation and Right-Wing Populist
Voting: Evidence from Dutch Panel Data
Discussant: Emanuele FEDELI
9:45 Giulia Corti: More than just «from parents to children»: assortative mating and the
social reproduction of inequalities. A structural equation analysis for Germany
Discussant: Mattia OLIVIERO
10:15 Mauro Martinelli: Understanding vaccination likelihood in Italy using Relational Class Analysis
Discussant: Alejandro CIORDIA
10:45-11:00 BREAK
11:00 Lucas Sage: Patterns of wage inequality within a cohort of labor market entrants
Discussant: Elisa BRINI
11:30 Saverio Minardi: Firm-Level Collective Agreements and Flexible Employment Strategies The Impact of Two-Tier Collective Bargaining on Firms use of ShortTerm Employment Relations in Italy
Discussant: Gabriele MARI
12:00-12:15 BREAK
12:15 Ilaria Pietropoli: Unequal starts: The role of parental perceptions and of previous performances in the development of social inequalities in cognitive skills. A structural equation analysis for Germany
Discussant: Emanuele FEDELI
12:45 Jacopo Bassetto: Recognition of foreign credentials and human capital transferability: evidence from a legislation change in Germany
Discussant: Gabriele MARI