Welcome Day 2020

Introductory meeting - first year students

22 October 2020
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Venue: Palazzo di Sociologia, via Verdi 26 (Trento) - Aula Archeologica


11 AM

Presentation of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences - Words of Welcome
Prof. Paolo Barbieri, Director of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences

11.30 AM

Presentation of the PhD Courses

  • Economics and Management, Prof. Luigi Mittone - Laboratory 1 (Doctoral School of Social Sciences)
  • Sociology and Social Research, Prof. Giuseppe Veltri - Aula Archeologica (Department of Sociology and Social Research)
  • Sustainablity: Economics, Environment, Management and Society - SUSTEEMS - Prof. Roberta Raffaelli - Laboratory 4 (Doctoral School of Social Sciences)