Executive Education with a humanistic approach for the promotion of responsible management

17 maggio 2022
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SOI-School of Innovation, Room CLab M, via T.Gar 16/2 - online via Zoom
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Dipartimento di Economia e Management
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Relatore: Ivan Ureta Vaquero - Senior lecturer-researcher at SUPSI and head of Continuing Education in Economics, Management and Human Resources.

How to design Executive Education today for tomorrow? Business schools play a key role in transmitting cultural models that change the paradigms of business management. History teaches us that enlightened entrepreneurs in the past understood that this style of leadership, while challenging, rewards in the long term. We recall some iconic examples such as Adriano Olivetti or Enrico Piaggio. Business schools, which came into being around the 1960s, have always played an important role in determining the choices of leaders and entrepreneurs. Traditionally, we have concentrated on teaching tools and approaches that are functional to achieving higher levels of profitability. In other words, business schools have not had the desired impact in introducing a culture of responsible leadership in companies. The effort towards creating a greater awareness of the world outside the company, to induce leaders to have a more ethical approach has not been enough. It is necessary to first create a new sensitivity, then it makes sense to propose appropriate tools and techniques. The real quantum leap lies in transmitting, in addition to techniques and tools, an awareness in the leaders of the future of the real values they can promote. This is a demanding and challenging approach that many lecturers are adopting today. Some deans are of the opinion that it is necessary today to face these new challenges, others, on the other hand, are afraid that these new approaches may create a gap between their schools and the business community, on which they often depend. In this workshop we will present the interpretative keys needed to understand the possibilities of applying the humanistic approach in the design of Executive Education courses.

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