Digital Machines, Space, Time: a Sociomateriality Exploration in Motorsport Manufacturing


4 June 2019
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10:00 am - Laboratory 4
Doctoral School of Social Sciences, Via Verdi 26 - Trento

  • Marco Formentini - Audencia Business School (mformentini [at]

The diffusion of digital additive technologies has enhanced manufacturing flexibility but also opened questions on how such technologies could affect practices in the production space. Addressing these timely questions, we adopt a sociomateriality perspective and comparatively explore how different digital manufacturing machines—characterized by increasing degrees of manufacturing—affect the use of space and time. We qualitatively observe and compare 45 digital manufacturing machines sampled across 4 types and 14 companies in two countries (UK and Italy) within the motorsport industry. A model emerges where the imbrication between machine time and space mediates the relationship between machine flexibility and performance.

Keywords: Digital Manufacturing; Sociomateriality; Flexible manufacturing.

Alberto Nucciarelli
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