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Comparative Legal Perspectives on New Mobility Paradigms

26 novembre 2021
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Palazzo di Giurisprudenza - Via Verdi 53, Trento
Aula 7
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Facoltà di Giurisprudenza
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Giuseppe Bellantuono and Giulia Puleio

Transportation systems have undergone several revolutions over the past centuries. But this is the first time multiple revolutions take place simultaneously. Decarbonization, digitalization and automation are claimed to address some of the most pressing concerns usually associated to mobility. How these three revolutions will interact is still unclear. Even less is known about the peculiar trajectories they are going to follow in each country or region. This workshop aims at exploring the legal dimensions of the mobility revolutions from a comparative perspective. Among the dimensions to be considered: what the likely impact of the three revolutions on the regulation of transport systems could be; which legal dimensions can be expected to be more tightly linked to regional, national and local features of transport systems; how liability rules need to be adapted to the digitalization and automation of transport systems.

Program of the workshop

Introduction: comparing mobility revolutions

  • Giuseppe Bellantuono, Maurizia De Bellis and Freyja Van Den Boom

The New Digital Architecture of the Urban Space: Typology and Legal Anatomy of Mobility Platforms

  • Teresa Rodríguez de las Heras Ballell

Sustainability and smart roads. How the green law can make mobility ecological, resilient and digital

  • Maria Cristina Gaeta

Urban mobility as urban commons

  • Federico Damin

New mobility scenarios: sharing mobility and micromobility 

  • Elisabetta G. Rosafio and Alessio Claroni

Is the transition to e-mobility the silver bullet to achieve climate-neutral transport? An interdisciplinary review in the search for consistency and collateral effects 

  • Helmut Esteban and Begoña Glez. Otero

Decarbonisation, automation and digitalisation – the legal challenges of new business models

  • Marlena Jankowska and Mirosław Pawełczyk

Transitioning to electric mobility: low hanging fruits in the 2&3 wheeler public transport market in Kenya

  • Peter Njenga and Romanus Opiyo

The slow revolution of autonomous vehicles: the fragile art of coexistence

  • Filippo Zemignani

Exploring alternative paths to liability insurance for self-driving vehicles

  • Valentina Cuocci

Insurance contracts for autonomous vehicles: distributing risks along mobility chains

  • Giulia Puleio

Regulating telematics insurance – enabling car data-driven innovations 

  • Freyja van den Boom 

The (assumed) injustices of intelligent mobility

  • Raffaele Di Gioia and Elena Napolitano

European consumer protection for defective products in the context of automated vehicles

  • Alejandro Zornoza Somolinos

Machine or algorithm? Thoughts on the impact of new liability paradigms on the autonomous vehicles industry

  • Davide Luigi Totaro

Some presentations will be delivered online. The whole workshop can be followed on Zoom. Please send an e-mail to giuseppe.bellantuono [at] for the link.