A Survey of China's "Foreign Investment Law"

Introduction to Chinese Law
3 aprile 2023
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Palazzo di Giurisprudenza - Via Rosmini 27, Trento
Aula 8
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In March 2019, China revised the old "three laws on enterprises" and unified them into the "Foreign Investment Law". What is the background of the formulation of the Foreign Investment Law? What is the specific scope of the application? What is the purpose and framework of the legislation? What about the main content? The lecture, by looking at the legislative history of the "Foreign Investment Law", discusses its basic system and main content.

Guest Speaker

  • Zhang Qinyu

Zhang Qinyu is a full professor of law and doctoral supervisor. He holds a Ph.D. from the China University of Political Science and Law and an LL.M. from New York University. 

He is the Director of the Economic Law Research Institute of China University of Political Science and Law. 

He also serves as the Executive Director of the Beijing Economic Law Society, Director of the China Commercial Law Research Association, Secretary-General of the Bankruptcy Law and Corporate Restructuring Research Center, Deputy Secretary-General of the Returned Overseas Scholars Association, Council Member of the China Business Law Society and Member of China Law Society.

Research Interests include Economic Law, Bankruptcy Law, Corporation Law.

Scientific Coordinator

  • Prof. Ivan Cardillo

For further information please contact ivan.cardillo [at]

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