The Italian and the Brazilian legal systems: convergences and divergences

International Conference
6 novembre 2014
7 novembre 2014
6th and 7th November 2014

Venue: Faculty of Law, Conference room, via Verdi, 53 - Trento

The Italian and the Brazilian legal systems are linked by strong cultural influences. The conference aims at exploring the dynamics both systems have been experiencing in the last years. While the Italian legal system has been affected by the Europeanization process, the Brazilian legal system has been affected by deeper integration in world trade and, to a lesser extent, by processes of regional integration. The two countries are also following different trajectories of economic development, with individual specificity and characterisation. Nevertheless, both of them are involved in the globalization process, which means a great twisting for legal and economic categories. Did such processes drive both systems in the same direction? Or are there reasons to suggest that differences between the two systems are becoming wider? The conference will look for answers to these and other questions by discussing convergences and divergences in different branches of the law.

The theme of the conference is also relevant from the point of view of the commercial relationships between the two countries. The degree of convergence shall be assessed to measure the risks, as well as the opportunities, faced by firms entering each country’s markets. At this end, within the program of the Conference, a workshop with representatives of the Italian and the Brazilian business associations will discuss opportunities for future collaborations.


November 6th

Welcome address by the dean of the Faculty of Law, prof. Giuseppe Nesi
15.15-16.15 The impact of constitutional innovations and reforms

Chair: prof. Giuseppe Bellantuono, University of Trento
prof. Soraya Regina Gasparetto, UNESP and prof. Dimitri Dimoulis, FGV São Paulo
dott. Simone Penasa, University of Trento

16.15-16.45 Coffee Break
16.45-17.45 Legal reasoning in a comparative perspective

Chair: prof. Maurizio Manzin, University of Trento
prof. Alexandre Trivisonno, UFMG
prof. Federico Puppo, University of Trento

17.45-18.15 Debate and questions

November 7th

9.00-10.00 Criminal law: national and international dynamics

Chair: prof. Federico Puppo, University of Trento
prof. Felipe Martins Pinto, UFMG
prof. Gabriele Fornasari, University of Trento and dr. Daria Sartori, University of Trento

10.00-11.00 The meaning and effectiveness of consumer protection in Italy and Brazil

prof. Marcelo de Oliveira Milagres, UFMG
prof. Paola Iamiceli, University of Trento

11.00-11.15 Coffee Break
11.15-12.15 Trends of labour law in Brazil and Italy

Chair: prof. Umberto Izzo, University of Trento
prof. Mônica Sette Lopes, UFMG
prof. Riccardo Salomone, University of Trento

12:15-13:15 Using competition and intellectual property law to foster innovation

prof. Fabiano Teodoro de Rezende Lara, UFMG
prof. Giuseppe Bellantuono, University of Trento

13.15-13.45 Debate and questions
13.45-14.45 Lunch
15.00-17.00 Workshop

Participation is free of charge, but advance registration – through the registration form (see download box) - is appreciated.

Scientific committee:
- Giuseppe Bellantuono
- Federico Puppo
Faculty of Law, University of Trento

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