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Learning (in) the global legal environment

28th November 2018
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TLP Transnational Law Program - Tenth anniversary

Venue: Law Building, via Verdi 53 (Trento) - room B
Time: 03.00pm



The increasingly globalized world poses a number of challenges to jurists. Whether it be a lawyer or an academic, any jurist nowadays faces the novelty of the law being not only a national or even a supranational matter, but one of the dimensions of a new legal order, that has increased as a global phenomenon. This is creating new opportunities for law graduates, but preparation and knowledge are more and more required to understand and handle such a new legal environment. 
This academic event is firstly meant to provide law students with a reflection on democracy, an important aspect of the global order. The dimensions of democracy will be analysed in the Opening Speech of one of the leading experts of globalization in Europe, prof. Sabino Cassese. Secondly, three leading law professors and deans, having a notable experience in legal education, will discuss different models and solutions for training law students to the global order. 
The event celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Transnational Law Program, the first training program for jurists, lawyers particularly, fluent in multiple legal systems, initiated in 2008 thanks to a cooperation among European and overseas universities.

Welcome Address

  • Fulvio Cortese, Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Trento
  • Andrea de Bertolini, President, Trento Bar Association
  • Sara Giacomini, LLM, Lawyer (Trento Court of Appeal and New York Bar), TLP students group


  • Sjef van Erp, Vice-President of the European Law Institute, Vienna (Austria), Professor at Maastricht University (The Netherlands)


  • Elena Ioriatti, Transnational Law Program scientific coordinator, Professor at University of Trento (Italy)

Opening Speech

  • Sabino Cassese, Emeritus at Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa and Constitutional Court (Italy) - The global dimensions of democracy

Invited Speakers

  • Michael Koby, Associate Dean, Professor of Practice at Washington University St. Louis, Missouri (USA) - The Case for Preparing the Transnational Lawyer
  • Roberto Toniatti, Professor of Constitutional Law, Former Dean, University of Trento, Faculty of Law  (Italy) - The Case for Preparing  the Transnational Law Professor (and Readjusting Law Schools)
  • Sybe A. de Vries, Director UGlobe, Professor of Internal Market and Fundamental Rights at Utrecht University (The Netherlands) - Legal education, the T-shaped lawyer and current European and global challenges

Questions and answers 

The event will be held in English

Scientific Coordinator

Elena Ioriatti, University of Trento, Faculty of Law

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