Course "Time Management"

25 ottobre 2023
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Job Guidance Office
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23 ottobre 2023, 23:59
Job Guidance Office
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Francesco Apuzzo - trainer Assoservizi

"I don't have time! I am so stressed!" Two exclamations widely used in everyday conversations, both in work and personal life.

But are we really sure about how to effectively manage time and stress? The goal of this training intervention is to value situations where these two concepts seem to hinder, or even prevent, us from achieving our goals.

Skills you will acquire:

  • Recognizing and positively managing one's attitude towards time and stress;
  • Studying or working with greater satisfaction, both individually and in relation to the people we interact with;
  • Managing delegation, reducing distractions, and "having more time!

Course outline:

  • Definition of time and stress;
  • Advantages of strategic time management;
  • Perception of time and cultural variables;
  • Proactive and reactive motivations;
  • The path of skills to manage time and stress;
  • Matrix and other tools for time management.

Teaching methodology: theory, self and peer assessment, simulations, and exercises, including interactive game-based software.


Time: 9.00 - 13.00

The meeting is conducted in English and through Zoom Platform: in the virtual classroom is required to have active video and the possibility to use audio.

Participants must connect using a computer and be able to have access to a mobile phone for some activities.

Registered participants will receive an email one day or two before the event containing the link to complete the assessment and credentials to access the Zoom room. We ask those who are unable to attend to notify us of their absence.

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