Course "Leadership"

On 28th May learn how to be a leader
28 maggio 2024
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Job Guidance Office
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27 maggio 2024, 23:59
Job Guidance Office
0461 283200
Francesco Apuzzo - trainer Assoservizi - Confindustria Trento

This seminar aims to train the necessary behaviors to express leadership and be authoritative while guiding a work group.

Skills to be acquired:

Using theorical concepts related to leadership to interpret one's leadership style within the group, and adapting one's style to the latest developments in the field.

Course outline:

− Definition and evolution of the concept of Leadership
− Leadership in organizations: its importance in professional profiles and in the business world compared to traditional and agile organizational models
− From academic definitions to reality: understanding and using different leadership styles, adapting to the company culture
− Personal analysis of one's style: self-awareness, discovering potential, and areas for improvement

Teaching methodology:
theory, self and peer assessment, simulations and exercises, including interactive game-based software.

Useful information

Time: 9.00 - 13.00 

The meeting is held in English on Zoom: in the virtual classroom it is required to keep the webcam on and have the possibility to turn on the microphone.

Participants must connect using a computer and be able to have access to a mobile phone for some activities.

Registered participants will receive an email one or two days before the event containing the link to complete an assessment and credentials to access the meeting. We ask those who are unable to attend to notify us of their absence.

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