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'What is memory?'

Interdepartmental Lab Memory and Society (LIMS) - inaugural round table
16 dicembre 2022
Orario di inizio 
Palazzo Paolo Prodi - Via Tommaso Gar 14, Trento
Aula 007
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Giorgia Proietti
Staff di Dipartimento
0461 281788


'What is memory?' During this inaugural round table, sociological, historical, anthropological, juridical, semiotic perspectives on memory will be brought to the fore. Every speaker will have 4 minutes to answer the question ‘What is memory?’ from their own perspective.
Sarah Gensburger (French National Center for Scientific Research) will respond to all the turbo-talks and provide comments. Sarah Gensburger is the current president of the Memory Studies Association, the main international network of memory scholars and memory centers, with which the LIMS is connected. 

Please register to participate in the event, either in person or via Zoom.

The Interdepartmental Lab Memory and Society was founded in 2022 thanks to the joint effort of Maurizio Giangiulio and Giuseppe Sciortino within the Progetto Strategico d'Ateneo of the University of Trento and is coordinated by Giorgia Proietti (Department of Humanities) and Andrea Cossu (Department of Sociology).
As the first interdisciplinary memory studies center in Italy, LIMS aims to offer an innovative platform for scientific discussion and initiatives around memory, from an inter- and multi-disciplinary perspective, and in connection with both local and international research institutes and networks. 
While waiting for a proper website, here is a brief description of the Lab.


Institutional greetings 

  • Flavio Deflorian, Rector of the University of Trento
  • Marco Gozzi, Director of the Department of Humanities


  • Andrea Cossu (Trento)
  • Elena Franchi (Trento)
  • Maurizio Giangiulio (Trento)
  • Francesco Mazzucchelli (Bologna)
  • Mario Panico (Amsterdam)
  • Luca Pes (Trento)
  • Giorgia Proietti (Trento)
  • Giuseppe Sciortino (Trento)
  • Thomas van de Putte (UcLouvain)
  • Discussant: Sarah Gensburger (French National Center for Scientific Research)

Students, colleagues, and the whole scientific community are cordially invited.