Conferenza / Incontro

Mediality of an exhibition in theory and practice. Some Thoughts on Curating.

5 ottobre 2023
Orario di inizio 
Palazzo Paolo Prodi - Via Tommaso Gar 14, Trento
Aula 001
Organizzato da: 
Eva Struhal
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Eva Struhal
0461 281765
staff di Dipartimento Lettere e Filosofia
0461 282913
Gudrun Swoboda, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

The presentation will reflect upon the specific mediality of exhibitions. An introductory historical overview of the various forms of display of paintings in Vienna‘s Imperial Gallery will set the stage for this topic. Subsequently, specific issues of curatorial practice are discussed on the basis of specific exhibitions, with a special focus on the transfer of conceptual ideas into spatial sensory contexts. We will see that exhibitions with similar themes and objects can potentially evoke different sensory effects, depending on parameters and parergonal elements such as space, room color, lighting, proximity, visitor routes, wall texts, and more. In some instances, these elements can even modulate the aesthetic appearance of individual artworks. Conservation guidelines, such as appropriate material placement, safety distances, climate control, and lighting, are taken into account. Architectural considerations, as well as graphic decision-making processes (including the translation of the exhibition into book form, i.e., the exhibition catalog), will also be topics of discussion.