Summer School

LIMS Summer School 2024 in Memory Studies

26 agosto 2024
27 agosto 2024
28 agosto 2024
29 agosto 2024
30 agosto 2024
31 agosto 2024
Department of Humanities - Department of Sociology and Social Research
Organizzato da: 
Laboratorio Interdipartimentale Memoria e Società (LIMS)
Giorgia Proietti - Thomas van de Putte
Staff di Dipartimento di Lettere e Filosofia
0461 281788


Memory studies are a recent, international, multi- and inter-disciplinary academic field. It has been officially established in 2008 with the publication of the first issue of the scientific journal Memory Studies and is increasingly institutionalizing with its own association and dedicated journals, handbooks, networks, labs and research centers.

Memory studies benefit from the contribution of several disciplines which focus on memory as both an object of investigation and a research perspective, starting from different theoretical and methodological backgrounds as well as different thematic interests: history, sociology, anthropology, law, cultural studies, philosophy, psychology, literature and media studies. At the same time, memory scholars from different disciplines are developing shared, despite multifarious, languages, epistemologies, and methodologies which can contribute to innovative research trends within their own disciplinary fields.  

This first edition of the LIMS Summer School aims to offer an introduction to this increasingly rich and stimulating discipline, with classes and activities that especially concentrate on one of the basic questions driving the field, namely: what is memory? Is it a function of the mind, the result of a socio-historical process, or something in between? During the classes and the related activities memory experts from different fields, namely history (ancient to contemporary), sociology, psychology, semiotics, anthropology, literature and media studies will introduce the possible answers to this major question and contribute to configuring a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary picture of memory studies and their major research topics and approaches.

Workload and program

All lectures, seminars and activities will be in English.

The program includes 8 hours per day of face-to-face activities, including classes, data sessions, open debates, visits and excursions, and the participation to the LIMS international conference, according to the following provisional scheme:

Scientific Committee: Giulia Proietti, Thomas van de Putte, Maurizio Giangiulio, Giuseppe Sciortino

Organizing Committee: Giorgia Proietti, Thomas van de Putte, Michael Castellino, Antonio Iacoviello