Philosophy of Mathematics: History, Theories and Practice

First Graduate Conference of the Italian Network for the Philosophy of Mathematics – FilMat

13 - 14 luglio 2017
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Aula 001, Dipartimento di Lettere e Filosofia, Via Tommaso Gar, 14.

Conference program

Thurday July 13th  
9.20 Opening
  • Paola Giacomoni (Trento),
  • Claudio Fontanari (Trento), 
  • Andrea Sereni (IUSS Pavia),
  • Achille Varzi (Columbia)
9.30 Chair
  • Claudio Fontanari
  • Vincenzo De Risi (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin)
    The Axiomatization of Space in the Early Modern Age
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
11.30 Chair
  • Marco Panza
  • Peter Epstein (University of California, Berkeley)
    A Priori Geometrical Reasoning in Euclidean Proof
  • Paolo Rossini (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
    Bruno, Proclus, and the Method of Indivisibles: Continuity and Discontinuity between Ancient and Modern Geometry
13.30-15.00 Lunch break
15.00  Chair
  • Matteo Plebani
  • Sylvia Pauw (Ghent University and University of Amsterdam)
    Intellectual Mathematical Knowledge in Descartes
  • Valérie Lynn Therrien (Western University, MA)
    The Axiom of Choice as Paradigm Shift: the Case for the Distinction between the Ontological and the Methodological Crisis in the Foundations of Mathematics
17.00-17.30 Coffee break
17.30 Chair
  • Francesca Boccuni
  • Stefano Boscolo (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)
    Mathematical and Metaphysical Explanations
20.30 Social Dinner
Friday July 14th   
9.30 Chair
  • Mario Piazza
  • Filippo Constantini (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)
    The Domain Principle and Indefinite Extensibility
  • Tomi Francis (University of Oxford)
    The Metasemantic Challenge and Arithmetical Determinacy
12.00 Chair
  • Achille Varzi
  • Gabriel Uzquiano (University of Southern California)
    Impredicativity and Paradox


In collaboration with Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS Pavia

Scientific committee
Patricia Blanchette (University of Notre Dame), Francesca Boccuni (San Raffaele University), Laura  Crosilla (University of Leeds), Pieranna Garavaso (University of Minnesota, Morris), Øystein Linnebo (University of Oslo), Gabriele Lolli (Accademia delle Scienze di Torino), Sara Negri (University of Helsinki), Marco Panza (IHPST, Paris 1 / Chapman), Mario Piazza (University of Chieti-Pescara), Matteo Plebani (University of Santiago de Compostela), Francesca Poggiolesi (IHPST, CNRS Paris 1), Luca San Mauro (Vienna University of Technology), Giorgio Venturi (University of Campinas)

Steering Committee
Paola Giacomoni (University of Trento), Claudio Fontanari (University of Trento), Andrea Sereni (IUSS Pavia), Achille Varzi (Columbia University)

Antonella Neri
Dipartimento di Lettere e Filosofia, via Tommaso Gar, 14  - Trento
tel. 0461 281777
staffdip.lett [at]
conference [at]