Processing Alterity. Digital registration of migrants as co-production of citizens and Europe

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19 ottobre 2022
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Palazzo di Sociologia - Via Verdi 26, Trento
Aula Kessler
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Katia Pilati
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18 ottobre 2022, 23:59


Annalisa Pelizza, University of Bologna and University of Twente


Historically, population and territorial information flows have contributed to the formation of the most powerful techno-social assemblage for knowledge handling – the nation-state. How do contemporary data infrastructures for processing non-European populations shape the multi-level European construction? 
This lecture introduces the “Processing Citizenship” project (ERC StG No 714463) in the context of the broader research trajectory which I named “Vectorial Glance” (Pelizza 2016). The project asks how contemporary information infrastructures for processing “the Other” – migrants and refugees at the border, as well as inside Europe – shape the European order. As such, it aspires to contribute to technology studies on the infrastructural integration of Europe with a focus on information infrastructures. The lecture introduces data infrastructures for “alterity processing” as a field of inquiry concerned both with the management of Otherness and with the infrastructural construction of polities. Drawing on evidence collected at Hotspots involved in registration and identification (R&I) procedures in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as on design documents of data architectures, it suggests that institutional practices, (meta)data and procedures designed to translate unknown people into European-readable identities co-produce migrant people and polities.

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Katia Pilati, University of Trento


Lorenzo Beltrame, University of Trento


Eliana Fattorini, University of Trento