Practice-Based Studies Twenty Years Later…

12 marzo 2019
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Luogo: Sala Riunioni, III piano - Palazzo di Sociologia,  via Verdi 26, 38122 Trento 
Orario: 14.30 – 18.30

An open seminar for a collective reflection on the directions, pitfalls, challenges and dilemmas of conducting empirical research freely inspired by the turn to practice by some scholars who met RUCOLA in their reading and/or working

Chair - Barbara Poggio

The challenge of preparing the second edition of ‘How to conduct a Practice-based Study’

Silvia Gherardi

“We are service people, and we stay until the job is done”: enactments of professionalism in restaurants.

Lotte Wellton

Organizational Theory and Aesthetic Philosophies

Antonio Strati

On digital intimacy. Redefinition of patient-provider relationship in remote monitoring

Enrico Piras and Francesco Miele

Doing Right(s): innovative tools for professional working with LGBY+families

Giulia Rodeschini and Giulia Selmi

Among Aliens?

Roberta Raffaetà

Informality and collective practices of urban-production: the case of Lima

Andrea Mora

Organizational Innovation

Paolo Rossi

In and Around Artistic Practice

Anna Scalfi