Displacement, suspension, projections and achievements in making home on the move

June 3-4 2019
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Venue: Department of Sociology and Social Research, via Verdi, 26 - Trento,  Kessler Room

HOMInG – the home-migration nexus, an ERC-StG (678456, 2016-2021) based at the University of Trento, will host a mid-term symposium in Trento next June 3-4. The symposium will be on HomING: displacement, suspension, projections and achievements in making home on the move. This event aims to open up the conversation between HOMInG’s researchers, who will present their preliminary findings, and colleagues and practitioners interested in questions of home and migration across national and disciplinary borders. While the notion of home has been extensively studied from within, migrant and refugee life trajectories make for a major biographical, research and political field to study it from without: as a matter of disruptions, displacements and tentative replacements, rather than as a sedentary and “given” condition. Yet, the study of the processual, temporal and reversible side of the home experience – in a nutshell, homing – has to deal with a variety of substantive and methodological challenges. This symposium aims to address them through seven sessions convened by a member of the HOMInG + HOASI team [].


Paolo Boccagni, Sara Bonfanti, Alejandro Miranda-Nieto, Aurora Massa, Milena Belloni, Luis E. Pérez Murcia, Ilka Vari-Lavoisier, Daniela Giudici, Enrico Fravega


Andrea Brighenti, Ester Gallo, Nicholas Harney, Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, Mike Messner, Giuseppe Sciortino


Olga Tkach, Karim Zafer, Michael Thompson, Friedemann Neumann, Emma Duester, Barbara Bertolani, Giulia Storato, Andrea Mignogna, Livio Amigoni, Ayse Hilla Tuztas, Plamena Stoyanova, Anna Spiegel, Sahizer Samuk, Chiara Janssen, Isobel Ward, Miquel Marorell Faus, Anna Di Giusto, Raffaella Greco Tonegutti, Angelie Marilla, Karolina Nikielska Sekula, Laura Ferrero, Elise Reslinger, Meral Gezici Yalcin, Ekrem Duzen, Ann Corrales-Overlid, Yelis Erolova, Marco Mogiani, Fabiola Midulla, Mina Hristova, Hatice Pinar Senoguz