Rethinking Global Health Law and Governance: The Quest for Equity in the Reform Process

28 novembre 2022
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Palazzo di Economia - Via Inama 5, Trento
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Facoltà di Giurisprudenza e Scuola di Studi Internazionali
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25 novembre 2022, 12:00

This part of the Conference gathers together scholars of different disciplines (Law, Sociology, Political Science) to discuss the ongoing reform process of global health law and governance under the aegis of the World Health Organization.

The programme addresses two main topics closely intertwined with each other. The first panel is devoted to the analysis of current developments in the ongoing reform of global health law with a specific focus on the negotiation of the treaty on pandemic preparedness and response and on targeted amendments to the International Health Regulations. The second panel addresses the issue of equity in access to medical care and vaccines as part of the wider debate on the protection of the human right to health, which represent an essential element of the reform process.

This is the closing event of the University of Trento’s project titled The World Health Organization in the COVID-19 emergency: functions, limits and territorial impact, which is financed by the University of Trento Covid-19 Research Fund. The project is aimed at analyzing legal and institutional aspects of the international health emergency, the technical tools for their management and the way forward for the improvement of the global health architecture. It has adopted an original approach, involving joint research between scholars in the social sciences and scholars in the hard sciences by crosscutting the growing interest in medical sciences and public health, to provide an integrated response to the challenges raised by the COVID-19 emergency. 

This multidisciplinary approach and its relevance to the management of emergencies in the health field are crucial for the University of Trento also in view of the future activities of both the School of International Studies (SIS) and the new School of Medicine (CISMed), supported by the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Sociology.


Welcome Addresses  (9.00 – 9.15)

Stefano Schiavo (Director of the School of International Studies)
Paolo Carta (Dean of the Faculty of Law)
Paola Iamiceli, Marco Pertile (University of Trento)

Keynote Speech (9.15 – 10.15)

Reform of Pandemic Preparedness and Response: The Legal and Governance Context
Gian Luca Burci (Graduate Institute Geneva)

Panel 1 (10.15 – 13.00): Reforming Global Health Law and Governance

Chair: Louisa Parks (University of Trento)

Claudia Nannini (World Health Organization)
Stefania Negri (University of Salerno)
Emanuela Bozzini, Daniela Sicurelli (University of Trento)

Coffee break (11.15 – 11.35)

Pedro Villarreal (Berlin Institute for International and Security Affairs)
Ludovica Di Lullo (University of Trento)

Q&A (12.30 – 13.00)

Lunch Break (13.00 – 14.30)

Panel 2 (14.30 – 17.30): Equity and Solidarity in Access to Medical Care and Vaccines

Chair: Paola Iamiceli (University of Trento)

Katherine Ginsbach (Georgetown University)
Hélène De Pooter (Université de Franche Comté)
Sondra Faccio (University of Trento)

Coffee break (15.30 – 15.45)

Irene Landini (University of Trento)
Marco Pertile (University of Trento)

Q&A (17.00 – 17.30)

Scientific Coordinators:
Paola Iamiceli (University of Trento)
Marco Pertile (University of Trento)


It is necessary to pre-register in the Conference: for any queries please contact the Program office at //events.sis [at]">events.sis [at]

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