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Unites States and China: Competing Visions of the International Order

Guest Lecture Series
18 aprile 2023
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Palazzo Paolo Prodi - Via Tommaso Gar 14, Trento
Room 001
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School of International Studies
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Great power competition between US and China is at the heart of contemporary international politics. US and China promote two different models of regional order in Asia. Which are characterized by specific interpretations of the fundamental normative pillars of the regional. 
The US promote the so called Free and Open Indo-Pacific, rooted in the American hegemonic status, the role of security alliances and partnerships, cooperation between democracies, liberal values, free trade and multilateralism. China’s alternative vision is Sino-centric, based on a “Eurasian” geography, and strongly associated with the principles of sovereignty and non-interference, as well as with the state capitalist practices. 
This competition contributes to shape relations among the two great powers, their relations with allies and partners in Asia and beyond, but also their approaches to current crises, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Matteo Dian  - University of Bologna


Matteo Dian is an Associate Professor of History and International Relations of East Asia at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, the University of Bologna. Previously he held research and teaching positions at the University of Bologna, University of Oxford; London School of Economics and Political Science, the European University Institute and Ca' Foscari University in Venice. He earned my PhD at the Scuola Normale Superiore (Italian Institute of Human and Social Sciences) in Florence. His last books are La Cina, gli Stati Uniti e il Futuro dell’Ordine Internazionale (Bologna, Il Mulino, 2021) and Reluctant Remilitarization, The transformation of defence policy and armed forces in Japan, Germany and Italy (with Francesco Moro e Fabrizio Coticchia. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2023). His research focuses on International Relations theory, Security in East Asia, Japanese and Chinese Foreign policies, and US foreign policy in the Asia Pacific region.