Markups and Misallocations

SIS-DEM Research Workshop

4 July 2017
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Seminar Room, First Floor, Department of Economics and Management - July 4 2017, h. 09.00-17.30

The School of International Studies, the Department of Economics and Management and the research group Empirical Microeconomics Laboratory (EMiL) of the University of Trento jointly convene the research workshop:

Session 1 – Chair: Francesca Modena (Bank of Italy)

Andrea Linarello (Bank of Italy)
Chiara Tomasi (University of Trento)
Emanuele Forlani (University of Bologna)
Discussants: Fabio Pieri (University of Trento), Mauro Caselli (University of Trento)

Session 2 – Chair: Andrea Fracasso (University of Trento)

Lionel Nesta (OFCE Sciences Po) & Stefano Schiavo (University of Trento)
Sabien Dobbelaere (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Mauro Caselli (University of Trento)
Discussants: Michele Cascarano (Bank of Italy), Antonio Accetturo (Bank of Italy), Duc Manh Le (University of Trento)

Full details of the Workshop are available in the flier in the box of download.

Scientific Committee

Andrea Frcasso, Stefano Schiavo, Chiara Tomasi, Mauro Caselli (University of Trento)