Attitudinal and Political Consequences of Terrorism in Europe

Guest Lecture Series

19 marzo 2019
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Luogo: Scuola di Studi Internazionali, via T. Gar 14 Trento, Aula 001
Orario: dalle 14.15 alle 16.00

Guest Speaker

  • Vincenzo Bove, Warwick University


Over the last years, the increasing frequency of terrorist violence meant that the question of how to most effectively respond to terrorism has returned as a central concern for policymakers. Public opinion is an important measure of success and influence for terrorist organizations.  At the same time, terrorist attacks abroad can also shape legislative outputs. We use data on all terrorist attacks in Europe from 1980 to 2010 and also evaluate the implications of these claims using data collected before and after the 2015 Bataclan attack. We show that both public opinion on migration “at home” as well migration policies are systematically driven by terrorism in other countries.