Project Management. Best practices for innovation and research

Employability skills development Workshop

18-20 February 2016
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Venue: School of International Studies, Room 109

  • Carla Jemma - University of Pavia

Workshops' Aims and Themes

This Workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the features of project management following closely the techniques and practices developed and recognized by the Project Management Institute, the world’s leading association in the field.

The first part of the Workshop will explore the main techniques of project management through the analysis of a project management plan. A particular emphasis will be devoted to the aspects associated with the correct management of time, resources, and risks: a proper assessment of the latter is key for the success of a project proposal and their effective management represents, in turn, a precondition for the smooth development of the phases of the project.

The second part of the Workshop will be devoted to specific examples from the real world: by exploring current international competitive calls for research funding (such as those released under the Horizon 2020 programme), the instructor will illustrate how to set up a project proposal consistent with the call for funding and how to manage a number of basic tasks associated with providing the required documentation, respecting deadlines, communicating with the people in charge of the call and of the selection and the like.
The Workshop will also include a hands-on session: participants will be given an example of a grant-awarded real project and will be asked to act as project managers by performing the activities to implement and complete the project.

Attendance is limited to 25 students.

Participants have been selected by the School of International Studies on the basis of applicants’ motivation and English proficiency.