EU arms Project: Humanitarian Crisis and Open Source Investigation

Lighthouse Reports - Club Alpbach Trentino Joint Workshop

23 November 2020
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h 18.00 - 19.30

Half of the world's leading exporters of weapons are European Union member states.The EU claims that it has safeguards that prevent weapons exported by its member states from being used to destabilize regions or perpetrate human rights violations. Lack of information, however, hinders the monitoring and enforcement of this commitment.

Open source intelligence and data analysis can shine a light on the final destination of arms produced in the EU, allowing journalists report more accurately, lawyers verify compliance with international norms, and citizens have a better understanding of the implications of global arms trade.

Joining Club Alpbach Trentino in a roundtable on this issue will be representatives from the media non-profit Lighthouse Reports, which will present the results of their work and discuss with open source investigators, international lawyers and scholars from the School of International Studies at the University of Trento.


  • Ludo Hekman, Klaas van Dijken – Editors at Lighthouse Reports
  • Stefano Trevisan – Associate at Lighthouse Reports, Lawyer
  • Benjamin Strick – Open Source Investigator, Trainer and Consultant
  • Leone Hadavi – Freelance Open Source Investigator and Analyst, Lecturer
  • Sondra Faccio, Iotam Andrea Lerer – School of International Studies, UniTN


  • Fabio Parola – Club Alpbach Trentino


The event will be live-streamed only. Pre-registration is closed.