Peacekeeping and Environmental protection

Guest Lecture Series
16 marzo 2021
16 March 2021

Where: Zoom Platform - h 14.15


Peacekeeping and Environmental protection

In recent years, International Organisations have increasingly begun addressing environmental challenges related to their own impact and the conditions in which they operate. Peace missions in third countries, particularly large deployments in arid, land-locked countries, have considerable resource requirements and can cause significant, even if unintended, environmental damage to hosting countries.

International Organisations, aware of the problem, have issued new policies and established strict procedures to provide deployed Law Enforcement Officials with an effective set of tools to reduce consumption of scarce resources, to protect the local environment and ultimately to minimize the mission overall environmental impact.

In this context, pre-deployment Environmental Protection Basic and Advanced Training Curricula, offers have become gradually more and more desirable to provide all peacekeepers with the necessary awareness about environmental issues and the relevant legal and policy framework as well asto train specialized environmental officers whit the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to support the mission environmental protection efforts.

In order to better understand field mission contexts and all environmental connections it is crucial sharing essential definitions on environment and environmental protection, introducing international legal framework and the most significant environmental conventions, examining the main environmental issues and threats affecting peace operation theatres as well as analysing the related best practices and lessons learned.


  • Ten. Col. Marina Bizzotto - Carabinieri - Coespu


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