Giovedì, 6 giugno 2024

Call for Expression of Interest for Associate Professor or Tenure Track Assistant Professor

Cognitive Neuroscientist M/EEG expert Principal Investigator, University of Trento, Center for Mind/Brain Sciences

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The Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC) at the University of Trento, Italy, invites expressions of interest from highly motivated scholars with the plan to open a Principal Investigator position at the level of Associate Professor or Tenure Track Assistant Professor (in the latter case, if after 3 years the tenure track AP has obtained the Italian Scientific Habilitation for Associate Professor, they will be evaluated to obtain the Associate Professor Position at CIMeC). 

To comply with the type of call we intend to open (“Direct call from abroad”), applicants should have had at least a 3-year position abroad either at the level of Associate or Assistant Professor or Lecturer at the time of the call.

Research Profile

The ideal candidate works in cognitive neuroscience, with expertise and a strong record of publications in neuroimaging and especially in M/EEG. Preference will be given to candidates interested in the neural underpinnings of cognitive functions (vs. basic physiological functions). The ideal candidate (especially if applying for the associate professor level) should also demonstrate the ability to attract external funding, lead a research team, and have good connections with the international community.

The University of Trento particularly welcomes EoI from female candidates and underrepresented minorities. Knowledge of Italian is not required.

Terms and Conditions

Tenure Track Assistant Professors are expected to teach 90 hrs/year, while teaching duties for Associate professors are 120 hrs/year. Personal grants might be used to pay off part of the teaching. Income will depend on the candidate's career stage; according to the Italian law, coming from abroad, the candidate will benefit from a 90% reduction in tax rate for the first 6 years (plus 2 or more years depending on buying a house/number of children).

UniTrento and CIMeC

The University of Trento has systematically ranked in Italy's top-tier positions in the past 10 years in both national Research Assessment Evaluations (RAE) and University Surveys. In the latest RAE, the University of Trento ranks 1st among medium-sized universities. 

CIMeC is an interdisciplinary and international research center whose goal is to foster cutting-edge research on the neural underpinnings of behavior and cognitive functions in humans and in animal models. PIs have different backgrounds and are affiliated to different university departments, including Cognitive Science, Biology, Medicine, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. They come from different countries and cultures: Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, New Zealand, Belgium, USA, UK, Argentina, Israel and beyond.

In the last 5 years, CIMeC PIs have won several competitive national and international grants, including European Research Council (ERC) grants, other European Framework grants, and a series of National and local grants. The center is recognized as Italy's leading cognitive neuroscience research center.

For human cognitive neuroscience research, CIMeC is equipped with a variety of imaging tools, including an MRI Siemens Prisma 3T, a brand new Megin TRIUX neo MEG system, three EEG Brain Products 64-channel system, one dedicated to healthy adults, another to infant research, and a third one to neuropsychological patient research. The Center also has a TBS Lab with TMS and tES stimulation, as well as workstations dedicated to psychophysical studies as well as several HR systems for eye tracking, multisensory stimulation and kinematic experiments.

Expressions of interest in English should include a CV and a brief motivation letter and and be emailed by June 30, 2024 addressed to:

Prof. Yuri Bozzi
Director of the Center for Mind-Brain Sciences
Corso Bettini 31, 38068 Rovereto Italy
Email: cimec [at]