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News per apertura Call Mhci

Deadline: 20th February 2020 for all applicants

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Call for Admission to the Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction is open!

Deadline: 20th February 2020 for all applicants (non-EU citizens resident abroad, Italian citizens, EU-citizens and non-EU citizens permanent resident in Italy)


Do you wish to study a Master’s degree entirely offered in English aimed at preparing a novel generation of skilled researchers and professionals in the field of HCI, capable of understanding and managing the complex domain of human cognition, behavior and emotion at a micro-meso-and macro-level?

The Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science and the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Trento offer a Master's course in Human-Computer Interaction.

Please visit the Human-Computer Interaction international website if you are interested in the master’s course: